Nelly is a gorgeous mare that I have been working with since I qualified set to compete at Burghley Show Jumping at the beginning of September.

Nelly slipped at a show jumping event last year and became unwilling to go forward during her ridden work. Nelly then started to buck and kick out when asked to go into canter. At this time Lucy Willamett took Nelly to the vet to investigate. After x-rays and a full lameness work up Nelly had her hocks, stifles and SI injected.

When I went to see Nelly she was still slightly lame on her right hind limb. Her shoulder muscles were tight and restricted her range of motion. Nelly had a very sore back and lumbar region along with muscle tightness and spasm. Alongside this Nelly had muscle tightness through her gluteal and hamstring muscles. Nelly also lacked muscle mass over her back and hindquarters.

I have been treating Nelly with a multimodal approach. Over the past few months Nelly has received Laser treatment to the most prominent trigger points throughout her back to relax the tissue prior to massage. Nelly has had H-Wave over her lumbar and gluteal region to deeply penetrate these sore muscles. The BioMag has been left with Lucy to apply to Nelly over the weeks between treatments. Nelly has also received massage, stretching and myofascial release.

However, most importantly Lucy has been sticking to the bespoke treatment plan I created for Nelly and the difference is AMAZING! I went to see Nelly today and I was amazed with how far her and Lucy had come. Her muscle mass is building and her muscle tone is relaxing and becoming less painful each week.

H - W A V E

I have posted this video on my blog to show owners how the H-Wave works. The electrical stimulation to muscle and neuro fibres causes muscular contractions that look like the muscle pumping. The electrical stimulation causes oxygenated blood to the area and an increase in lymphatic drainage. Alongside this the muscle pump causes endorphins to be released which is the feel good hormone we get when we work out. All together this results in deep pain relief!

The H-Wave does not cause any pain or discomfort however, to begin with it is a weird sensation that horses are not used to. The H-Wave is turned up from zero until the muscle pump is visible. Whilst turning the H-Wave up it can feel as if a fly has landed on the horse which is irritating for them and we often see horses tail swishing and leg stomping. Some horses find it easier to walk around for the beginning of treatment. But with reassurance horses settle into the treatment and begin to enjoy the treatment and definitely feel better afterwards!